Pier Museum, Miami Beach


Internationaler Wettbewerb


The «Pier-Museum» is situated on the end of Fifth Avenue, in front of the characteristic urban scene of miami. Its organic, technological and smooth form reminds on a futuristic object that has just landed there, like a symbol of the new era of the beginning 21st century. There is no distiction between footbridge and museum. The monolithic design strengthens the concise apperance of the building. It appears like a huge horizontal landmark on the shore, visible from far away, from land and sea.

Architectural round tour

The organic shape resambles a glimmering jetsam. Like a shining dreamboat the “Pier Museum” is justing out to sea and becomes a part of the dunes and the water. The fluid-shape receives the visitors at the end of Fifth Avenue and leades them over it`s bridge-like structure out to the museum. Following the trajectory they enter the exibition. A few skylights shed some light on the aisle between the huge curved walls wich provoke a “Jonah in the wale” feeling. In the middle of the museum one can hear the pounding of the waves against the shell plate. Attached to the “rue-interieur” are the exibition-cabinets.Leaving the museum the view towards the city shows the beauty of Miami Beach.


The museum is organized as a linear continuous and stageless circuit. The exhibition space is located on the lower level. The exhibition cabinets are arranged on both sides of the central aisle.